Parks & Recreation

This Information Architecture project investigates the wayfinding experiences exploring a public outdoor space: public green spaces, skate parks, hiking trails, a network of parklets, urban green spaces,  beaches, marshes, forests, exercise parks, nature trails, recreation fields, specific neighborhoods, and more are all eligible. 

Research, prototype, and articulate a printed & digital experience to guide visitors through the public space driven by the visitor’s goal. Researching this project includes getting outside to address a specific challenge of your audience in an outdoor space you have access to whether it is small or large (yard to yard, within your neighborhood, a nearby park, a public space, a space in nature).

This project was co-designed for "Information Architecture 2" in Communication Design at MassArt with Professor Martha Rettig and Adjunct Faculty Ryan Kenney & Kathryn Coppolino.


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WIC WayfindingTeaching

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Break A LegTeaching

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