When you work with other talented people you have an opportunity to make something new and otherwise impossible on your own. Some of my greatest creative experiences have come from collaboration with other artists and designers. Interested in building a team or teaming up? Let's talk!

Projects & Workshops: I have been invited by companies and educational institutions to run projects and workshops with their teams including BOSE, WGBH Interactive, MassArt, Tsinghua University, Montserrat, The Boston Children's Museum, The City of Boston & more.

Murals: I am a member of the artist collective Project SF and have over 20 years of experience making public art and mural installation projects. Some of my clients include Illuminus, Hub Week, JArts, The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the ICA Boston, Northeastern University, Clover, Continuum, Bodega, and more.

Curation: My favorite experience developing an exhibition was the "Collection of Bostonia Collectives" at the Lincoln Asts Project gallery featuring over 30 Boston based art collectives. I have co-curated the Fresh Media exhibitions at MassArt in their graduate design program The Dynamic Media Institute that have since turned into annual exhibitions of interactive work.


Let's work together.



Custom murals for any surface, we work closely with your organization, aim to connect with your audience, and within your budget.



Design a hands-on activity with us and your team, we specialize in creating workshops centered around drawing and design thinking activities.



Putting on a show, finding great artists, and showcasing their work is an exciting adventure, reach out and let us help you plan your next great show.

The 7 Tenets of Collaboration


My frequent teammate Jeff Bartell have done so many projects that we co-wrote some best practices for forming a successful collaboration.

Image credit: Special thanks to Yves McGill for these drawings.


Be Open

Receptivity is essential when teaming up. Be open to ideas, materials, techniques, approaches, & possibilities.


Leave Space

Make room for others and vice versa. Make the most of the opportunities shared between each other.



Give it, take it, make it! Sharing materials, ideas, approaches, and more add to the greatness of collaboration.

New Tool

Each collaboration is an opportunity to learn a new tool together. Learning and making with a new tool is far more enjoyable with a partner.


Use What You Have

As a team take stock in what you have for materials, resources, skills, funding, and make the most of it all.


Just start moving in any direction! Momentum in a project happens when you jump in and get started, creative work gets better when you are active with materials, turn thoughts into action, and work in different spaces. 


Work Quickly

A sense of urgency and excitement about the project are the nourishing indgredients to make speedy progress and evolve a project.

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