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    Syllabi (from 2022–2023
    Course Materials (from 2022–2023)
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    Letters of Support (from 2022)


p.s. here is a Spotify Year 2 Playlist I made for you while you review my materials.

1) Cover Letter

McGill Narrative Introduction

Thank you for taking time to review my materials for my second year appointment. My first year as a tenure-track faculty member was a transformative experience. I applied for and received promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and was also promoted from Co-Director to Director of the DMI graduate program when my colleague and mentor Martha Rettig stepped down during her sabbatical. This past year has two particular themes I will speak to in my recap below, being green and how I collaborate with my incredible colleagues.

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Continuing Scholarship

My multidisciplinary dynamic media design and creative practice spans between client projects and exhibitions.



  • 2023 Boston Art Book Fair Attendee
  • 2023 Wheat Paste Mural Workshop — Buena Graphica Social Studio & La Linterna led workshop at the Providence Steel Yard.
  • 2023 Team Teaching Model in Communication Design — Public group lecture at "MassArt Day" in Boston, MA
  • 2022 EYEO Festival Conference Attendee — Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2021 "What is Critique?" MassArt Panel — (MassArt NetID Required) JET, Fine Arts & Design panel discussion on how critique can evolve across the college.
  • 2021 The Criss-Cross Method — FATE Conference lecture by Sofie Hodara & Fish McGill
  • 2021 FATE Conference — Remote Conference Attendee
  • 2021 BIPOC Design History — Asychronous Attendee
  • 2020 The Tenets of Collaboration — DMI Tune Up lecture by Jeff Bartell & Fish McGill
  • 2019 Sticky AR Workshop — A drawing workshop to learn Augmented Reality tools using Artivive, designed by Sofie Hodara & Fish McGill

Professional Activities & Alternative Assignments

My transformative and positive experience at MassArt is an enormous asset for me in my creative and professional life. I have experienced the college as an undergraduate student, a graduate student, a staff person, and a member of the faculty—building great relationships at MassArt is a privilege I strive for each day on campus.


  • DMI Program Director, 2023–2025
  • DMI 2023 Thesis Documents, Anisha Ghosh, Vince Mainetti, Tim Scholl, Nandini Srinivasan & Drew Thomas
  • Promoted to Associate Professor of Design, Spring 2023
  • DMI Rebrand, oversaw the rebranding of DMI with DMI student designers Shozab Raza & Harry Liao, 2023
  • Communication Design x Alumni Affairs Senior Portfolio Event, 2020 & 2021 co-organized with Katherine Hughes, 2022, 2023 & 2024 with Tatiana Gómez
  • Justice & Equity Committee Chair Communication Design, 2021–2024
  • Agncy X MassArt, Communication Design 2020–2021
  • cd.massart.edu, 2021–present
  • Graduate Program Directors, 2019–present
  • DMI Program Co-Director, 2019–2022
  • dynamicmediainstitute.org, 2019–present, designed and developed by Joe Quackenbush & Saul Baizman
  • Communication Design Senior Degree Project Digital Archive, 2018–present
  • Communication Design Lecture Series Coordinator, 2017–2019


  • AUC 2023–2025
  • Graduate Council 2021–2023
  • Pathways Committee 2019–2021
  • Curriculum Committee 2017–2019
  • AUC 2016–2017


  • Undergraduate Advising, 2016–Present
  • Graduate Advising, 2019–Present
  • Artward Bound Lead Teacher & Studio Manager, 2014–2015
  • Admissions Assistant Director, 2004–2007

4) Teaching


  • 2022–2023 In-Person
    • FA22: Soph. Studio (2 sections) & Info. Arch. 1
    • SP23: Senior Degree Project, Type 2 Data, & Info. Arch. 2
  • 2021–2022 Hybrid Format
    • FA21: Soph. Studio (2 sections) & Info. Arch. 1
    • SP22: Senior Degree Project, Type 2 Screens, & Info. Arch. 2
  • 2020–2021 Fully Remote Format
    • FA20: Soph. Studio (2 sections) & Info. Arch. 1
    • SP21: Senior Degree Project, Type 2, & Info. Arch. 2
  • 2019–2020 In-Person | In-Person / Fully Remote Format
    • FA19: Soph. Studio (2 sections) & Info. Arch. 1
    • SP20: Senior Degree Project, Type 2, & Info. Arch. 2

Selected Course Materials  2018–2022 & 2022–2023

  • Me, You & Everyone @ MassArt — Information Architecture I, 2022
  • WIC — Information Architecture II, 2021
  • Parks + Rec — Information Architecture II, 2021
  • I Wish Zoom Did That! — Information Architecture I, 2020
  • Election Data & Interface — Information Architecture I, 2019–2020
  • The Designer's Desk — Sophomore Studio, 2019–2021
  • Data Stories — Sophomore Studio, 2020–2021
  • The Daily Frustration — Sophomore Studio, 2016–2019
  • Senior Degree Project — 2017–Present
  • Break A Leg — 2017–2019
  • You Are Here Now — Design Studio 1 2017–2021
  • Dynamic Range — Design Studio 1 2018-2021

Selected Course Materials 2022–2023

  • Me, You & Everyone @ MassArt — Information Architecture I, Fall 2022
  • Listen Up! — Information Architecture I, Fall 2022
  • Data Stories — Sophomore Studio, Fall 2022
  • My Daily _____— Sophomore Studio, Fall 2023
  • Senior Degree Project — Spring 2023
  • Digital Odyssey — Information Architecture II, Spring 2023
  • Looking Forward to Looking Back — Information Architecture II, Spring 2023

Student Evaluation Reports

  • SIRI II Reports 2022–2023 (SP23 does not include reporting for my section of Type 2, a 6 credit course mistakenly recorded for only half of the sections) 
  • SIRI II Reports 2019–2022 (due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, student evaluations were not collected in Spring or Fall of 2020)

Letters of Support

5) Colophon


This website was developed using Google Drive, WordPress & the Semplice Portfolio Tool. A tremendous thank you to Professor of Design Martha Rettig for blazing a trail / encouraging a pathway for colleagues to archive their materials digitally. The soundtrack to this website for Year 1 and Year 2 are created using Spotify.

Previous materials prepared for my promotion from Assistant Professor of Design to Associate Professor of Design in 2022 can be found in the MassArt Academic Affairs Google Drive Archive "Promotions > McGill, Fish (1st yr and Promotion)"


My family: I am forever grateful to my incredible spouse Sheryl Pace for her creative inspiration, street smarts, and transformative love/support—I am so thankful to live with such an extraordinary creative person and dynamic educator. I am also deeply grateful for my three sons Rye, Juni & Yves for their unconditional love, constant creativity, and inspiring work ethic. To my educator parents & sister who raised me in a space devoted to constant learning and creativity—your unconditional support is always felt and shared to others. Deep gratitude to my extended family Chris, Soheil, Joe, Nancy, Terry, Mark, Lily, Doug, Shelly, Allie, Solh, Jackie, Alex, Katie, Robin, John.

My colleagues: Lisa Rosowsky, Martha Rettig, Joe Quackenbush, Katherine Hughes, Tatiana Gómez, and Ryan Diaz plus me form a lucky seven. I am grateful to work with a group of people committed to constantly evolving themselves in every sense and an inspiring commitment to mentoring our students/colleagues. 

My Mentors: Robert Chambers, Nita Sturiale, Dana Moser, Brian Lucid, Danielle Licitra, Dave Schlafman, Matt Karl, Caitlin Roy, Lucinda Bliss, Elizabeth Reiser, Lyssa Palu-Ay, Paul Haijan, Anne Marie Stein, Carolyn Lewenberg, Luanne Witkowski, Lauren Wilshusen, Lydia Polanco Peña, Arnold Icasiano, Helene Zuckerbrod, Kathy Keenan, Stacy Peterson, Jan Kubasiewicz, Gunta Kaza, Matthew Derby, Colby Grenier, Christine Jandreau, Saul Baizman, Sofie Hodara, Jeff Bartell, Daniel Buckley, Zach Kayser, John Howrey, Gabi Schaffzin, Stefanie Dudzic, Jeremy Sherman, Kim Maroon, Yael Alkalay, Alex Reben, Abe Tena, Sabrian Dorsanvil, Pat Falco, Ravi Jain, Fred Wolflink, Cailigh MacDonald, Crystal Bi, Nandini Srinivasan, Clint Baclawski, Yvette Perullo—Thank you for your encouragement, support, collaboration, and your invaluable explicit and implicit mentorship.

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