Priding himself on being “an artist devoted to drawing,” Fish McGill’s work uses characters to communicate and question his involvement in and perception of society. He focuses on robots as literal and metaphorical machines that convey ideas on what it means to be human.

According to Fish the robots “are each trying to fit in as members of society, beyond their limited functionality. You could say they’re in over their heads. Everybody can relate to wanting to be part of the fun or feeling anxious about biting off more than you can chomp.” When asked about the robots questioning society, he answers “you may think a robot is totally boring at first glance. But then you hang out and discover you both share an equal love of Prince or something else!”

He has exhibited at the ICA, Worcester Art Museum, LAB, in Massachusetts, as well as in New York, Montreal, and Japan. Fish’s work has been commissioned professionally by the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), the Berwick Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Nike, MTV, Deitch Projects, Company One, Harmonix Music Systems, IdN, Adobe, and The Weekly Dig. Fish earned his BFA in S.I.M. (New Media) from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.